Vacation Photos: Rail Trails and Bear Tracks


I spent this week camping with my dad at the Warm River Campground of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest about 9 miles northeast of Ashton, Idaho.  I’ve included some photos including a travelogue of two rail trails in the area and some bear tracks.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

IMG_0058My dad’s truck and trailer at the campsite.

IMG_0059Me doing homework.

IMG_0062My dad at Upper Mesa Falls.

IMG_0063Me at Upper Mesa Falls.

IMG_0064The mist of the falls.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Today my 81-year-old dad and I rode the Yellowstone Branch Line Trail up and back from the Warm River Campground to the Warm River Fish Hatchery Road for a total of 17.9 miles as recorded by my GPS.  The first three miles of the trail are restricted to hikers, bicycles, and horses (and snowmobiles in the winter).  The remainder of the trail is also open to motorcycles and ATVs.

View Yellowstone Branch Rail Trail in a larger map

It’s a beautiful trail with great views of Warm River.

IMG_0066A bear had recently traveled the trail.  This answers the question: Does a bear … walk on the trail?

IMG_0067Here’s my foot next to the bear track.

There’s also a tunnel about 3.3 miles up the trail from the campground.

IMG_0069My dad at the tunnel.

IMG_0070And me at the tunnel.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Today I rode the Ashton-Tetonia Rail Trail, while my dad met me in the truck at a couple points along the trail.  I rode 12.4 miles of the 29.6 mile long trail.

View Ashton-Tetonia Rail Trail in a larger map

IMAG0274Here’s the map at the trailhead in Ashton.

IMG_0071Here I am at the crossing of Idaho Highway 47 at Maryville.

IMAG0275The trestle crossing the Fall River.

IMAG0291Side view of the trestle.

IMAG0276Looking at the Fall River downstream from the trestle.

IMAG0278Looking towards the Grand Tetons from the rail trail.

IMAG0277Zoomed in on the Grand Tetons.

IMAG0279The trestle crossing Conant Creek.

IMAG0280Looking at Conant Creek upstream from the trestle.

IMG_0074Me arriving at Drummond.

IMAG0281I had a flat tire.

IMAG0282The view from where I changed my tire.

IMAG0283Due to a property owner not allowing access to the former railroad right of way, there is a detour of 1.4 miles at about 11 miles from Ashton.  This is the western end of the detour.

IMAG0284This is looking east on the 700 North leg of the detour.

IMG_0077Arriving on the detour at the intersection of 700 North and 4400 East.

IMG_0078Me and my flat tube.

IMG_0079Departing south on the 4400 East of the detour.

IMAG0285Sign on the property not allowing access to the railroad grade.

IMAG0286Looking east at the railroad grade crossing 4400 East.  The railroad grade is not open to the public here.

IMAG0288Looking west at the railroad grade crossing 4400 East with the old granary in the background.  The railroad grade is not open to the public here.

IMAG0287Looking south at Idaho Highway 32 from where the railroad grade crosses 4400 East.

IMG_0080Passing the granary with Idaho Highway 32 to the left.  The railroad grade is to the right of the granary.

IMG_0081Just east of the granary riding up to the eastern end of the detour.

IMG_0082Looking further east on the rail trail just east of the granary.  This is as far as I went.  12.4 miles.

IMAG0289Looking west towards the granary and the eastern end of the detour.  My dad is in the foreground with his truck to the left in the background next to Idaho Highway 32.