Thoughts on CNU 21

My life is now complete! I have been featured in a StreetFilms production. You can get a glimpse of me at 1:02 in the above video. StreetFilms did a great write up of their visit to Salt Lake City titled “Salt Lake City: Some Observations on Bicycling, Transit & Open Space.”

I thoroughly enjoyed CNU 21. One of my favorite quotes was from Bradford Houston, Urban and Architectural Design Manager of the Temple Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who said “Let us not confuse the ethic of work with the ethic of plunder!” The most profound CNU 21 experience for me was a tour of The Gateway, which I detailed in my post titled “The Fountain is My Heart.

The closing party at Granary Row was also a fun experience. I spoke with an undergrad student from Spokane. She’s about to graduate and is considering moving to Salt Lake City and said, “Salt Lake City is what Spokane aspires to be.”