Limits of Transit

Tonight I actually had to drive, because I had to pick up one of my roommates from a late meeting.  His car broke down, so he’s been riding UTA to get around, but his meeting tonight ended too late for him to ride UTA home.

One complaint that we share is the lack of late service by UTA.  I realize that the problem isn’t UTA’s, but rather the limited funding provided to UTA.  However, I do have issues with how UTA chooses to explain service cuts to the public.  UTA’s default response for reducing service is to cite a lack of ridership.  In the past, I have been a frequent rider of late bus service, which was eventually cut due to a lack of ridership.  But I can testify that ridership was not lacking.

I feel that it would be benefical to UTA’s riders and potential riders, if UTA would tell the full story behind service cuts.  UTA’s simplistic, canned explanation is harmful, as it insults the intelligence of its riders.  The full story is that UTA’s budget is limited, and it must make tough decisions and put its resources where the largest number of riders can be benefitted.  Additionally, UTA should encourage riders who are dissatisfied with service cuts to ask elected officials to provide more funding to UTA.