Sugarmont Plaza, Road Respect Tour, and Salt Lake Bike Party

This was a busy evening for me and my bike.  Tonight was the opening night for Sugarmont Plaza.  This “tactical urbanism” project will run all summer.  The location is the parking lot of the former Deseret Industries building at 2230 S Highland Dr in the Sugar House neighborhood of Salt Lake City.  I was there right at the start, but I heard there was a pretty good turn out later in the evening.

Then I headed over to the Road Respect Tour, which is sponsored by UDOT.

UTA was also on hand showing off the new triple bike racks, which will be installed on all future buses.  Shown here is a triple bike rack mounted on the back of one of UTA’s vans rather than on the front of a bus.

UTA Triple Bike Rack

Then, for the highlight of my evening, I joined in on the Salt Lake Bike Party.

I apologize for the crude videos shot using my Android smart phone.  Maybe one day I will have the equipment and skills to produce videos like Clarence Eckerson.