Critique of Granary Row

I love Granary Row and know that it will do great things to activate the Granary District, but there are a couple improvements that I feel could be made.  I have to admit that these suggestions are somewhat self-serving, considering my constant search for interesting places (aka “third places”) where I can sit for hours while reading textbooks on my Android tablet.

Generators: I enjoy the food trucks, but their generators are noisy. If we weren’t anywhere near the power grid, it wouldn’t be an issue, but I question the necessity of powering them using gasoline generators, when we are surrounded by the power grid. I feel it would be a good step towards sustainability (and quieter), if there were outlets that the food trucks could use.

WiFi: Somewhere in the initial plans for Granary Row, I read that there would be free WiFi. Hopefully, that’s still in the works, since it definitely makes for a more enticing third place.

Seating: There needs to be more seating and, in particular, comfortable seating. I recently discovered the outdoor couches near the fireplace at City Creek Center and have spent several hours reading there lounging on the couches. Something along those lines would be a great addition to Granary Row.

Water: If we have a typical summer, it’s going to be hot and dry and people will be thirsty. Paying $2 for a 16-ounce bottled water at one of the food trucks is a bit excessive. It would be great, if someone could encourage the food trucks to sell water that’s a bit more affordable.