My Daily Commute

With the recent addition of GreenBikeSLC and the opening of the Airport TRAX line, I have an interesting and enjoyable way of making my commute.  From my home to the University of Utah is about six miles:

Walk: I start off walking from home to the Power TRAX Station.  I allow myself 15 minutes, but I can make it in a bit less.

TRAX Green Line:  I ride the Green Line from Power Station to Arena Station.  The ride takes 11 minutes.

Walk:  It is about a half block walk from the Arena TRAX Station to the GreenBikeSLC Fidelity Station @ The Gateway.  The walk takes about 3 minutes.

GreenBikeSLC:  I ride the GreenBike from the Fidelity Station @ The Gateway to the Tour of Utah Station.  The ride takes about 11 minutes.

Walk:  It is about a half block walk from the GreenBikeSLC Tour of Utah Station to the Library TRAX Station.  The walk takes about 3 minutes.

TRAX Red Line:  I ride the Red Line from Library Station to Stadium Station.  The ride takes 8 minutes.

Walk:  I finish up by walking from the Stadium TRAX Station to campus.  It usually takes about 8 minutes to reach the Marriott Library.

It’s usually a hour from the time I walk out my door at home until I walk through the doors of the library.  Of course I could drive, which only takes about 20 minutes (when there’s no traffic), but that doesn’t include the time I would spend trying to locate a parking spot once I got to the U.  It also doesn’t include the exercise I get from walking and biking and doesn’t include the time spent “people watching” on TRAX.

Also, it’s worth noting that due to the 10-minute wait transferring from the Green Line to the Red Line at the Courthouse Station, my ride on the GreenBike doesn’t add any additional time to my commute as opposed to riding TRAX the entire way!