Dunkin’ Donuts Opens in Salt Lake City

The day many people have been waiting on finally arrived today.  Utah now has a Dunkin’ Donuts.  I shot the video above from the Library TRAX Station.  As shown in the video, cars were backed up to the end of the block, which made things difficult for cars trying to access driveways to the east.  For those not familiar with the location, it’s just north of the Salt Lake City Main Library and is a remodel of the building that formerly housed a Burger King.

Given that the parcel is zoned D-1 “Central Business District” and lies on a block corner, I’m disappointed that it will continue to be a single level building with a drive-through and surface parking lot.  It could have been a five-story (or higher) mixed-use building.  Dunkin’ Donuts could still be one of the retailers on the first floor with office space and/or apartments above.  This would have been the highest and best use given the immediate proximity of the TRAX station.